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In my home study I have some pictures of my Mother and Father. Some from years before I was born and along with those items, I have my Father’s medals and ribbons from his time in the military during World War II. There are some other items from his time as a POW when he was captured during the Battle of the Bulge. When I look at these things, they tell a story of part of my parents’ life. We may look at photo albums, Bibles, notebooks where we get the part of the story of the lives of those we love. Likewise, the Bible comprised of so many stories of the life and times of the people that surrounded the redemptive history of the God we love and serve. From the beginning pages of Genesis to the closing chapters of Revelation we learn of God’s love and desire for God’s people to be in relationship with their creator. Starting September 8th, we will begin a journey through the scriptures to better learn God’s Story and our role in that story. Watch for more information and materials in August.

Pastor Jon